End of Summer

On a walk yesterday, I was talking to my husband about August.

Oh, August.

June is the beginning of summer, everything is suddenly greener, sunnier, your face starts getting a little rosier. July is hot, filled with festivals, afternoon Mojitos, long, long days. But August. August feels like it's always just waiting to end, to get through, to get to Fall. But it never feels like the end of summer. Because it's the hottest month. Muggy. Buggy. Angsty.

School starts for me on Monday. I'm teaching two classes at a community college. It should be fun, and I'm looking forward to it. But I'm also sad about summer coming to an end. We still have Stone Harbor in September. I can't wait for that. That will drag out the dog days just a bit longer.

The Last Days of Summer, photography by Alicia Bock.

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