Horseshoe Craft & Flea Market: Q & A Thursday with Studio Lila

Check out my interview with Studio Lila. Love her and so inspired by her spirit and her art!

Horseshoe Craft & Flea Market: Q & A Thursday with Studio Lila: "artist Robyn Thayer, Studio Lila and Voice Last week, we had the incredible opportunity to head up to Evergreen for a day of art with Robyn..."


made time.

it felt so good to make time for painting this weekend. the more i get immersed in my business venture, the more i'm savoring time without computers, lists, phone calls. i want quiet. i want art. here is crazy sunday lady. sunday lady with bouquet mish mash on her head.
i've been catching up on some blogs tonight. i'm so inspired and comforted by all of you blogging, creators across the land :)
i hope to write more later. i kind of miss being here on sweet pomona.
good night.



well, it's sunday night...and i didn't paint this weekend. but...i did start to clean my studio. sort of. tomorrow i commit to paint for at least one hour. one wee hour.
here's a painting i did with my friend, tiffany. the photo is not the best because of the glare. she seems contemplative and peaceful. i could use a little more of both of those things!
happy new week, everyone.


new things

it's been so long since i've posted...almost a month! i've been swamped with a new creative project, a mondo beyondo dream :) i'm directing and organizing the Horseshoe Craft and Flea Market here in denver...it's a market where emerging and experienced artists, designers, crafters and vintage/antique collectors can sell their wares, and where denverites can shop locally and interact with and buy from the makers and collectors of their unique goods. i'm calling it the "horseshoe" because i always think when you go to a flea market or art/craft fair, you are really hoping to get "lucky" and get something really freakin' awesome. which many times ends up happening, and is sure to happen at the Horseshoe!

i found a great graphic designer in my neighborhood--and it turns out i know her brother and sister-in-law! i used to share office space with her sister-in-law. small world. she has been a great help, i'm super happy with her work, and she's also going to be a jewelry vendor in the market!
as with everything in life, there have been ups and downs and good and bad. the ups and the good--i've had a great first week of vendor applications since "launching" last wednesday! yay! it's also been so fun to just have fun with it, and let it unfold in a somewhat organic way. the downs and the bad--i'm on my computer 24-7, my back and neck hurt, i'm developing that pastey, at-the-computer-all-day complexion, i'm distracted, not very present with the people around me. working on that. i'm hoping to regain some balance here soon.

also, a few weeks ago, i painted with my friend tiffany! i'll post my little painting later, and i'm also hoping tiffany gets a website/blog soon and you can enjoy her work, too. she's GREAT!

okay, more later. off to do horseshoe "stuff." spread the word! here's our website: http://www.horseshoecraftandflea.com, and please follow us on facebook and twitter!!!!

oh, and that's funny--i had to re-join facebook to market this...and inadvertently created a "personal profile" so i said, "what the hell." i'm back on the FB. this is funny because i wrote a long, earnest blog post about how much i hate facebook. well, in terms of business, i see a lot of good things for it. and it is nice to see friends on there--but i still have some inner angst about it ;)

happy wednesday


Green Wish Foundation

Here is my husband's new green venture...
Green Wish Foundation

"Find some trash, pick it up, all day long you'll have good luck!"