made time.

it felt so good to make time for painting this weekend. the more i get immersed in my business venture, the more i'm savoring time without computers, lists, phone calls. i want quiet. i want art. here is crazy sunday lady. sunday lady with bouquet mish mash on her head.
i've been catching up on some blogs tonight. i'm so inspired and comforted by all of you blogging, creators across the land :)
i hope to write more later. i kind of miss being here on sweet pomona.
good night.


  1. Dear Amy-I was just thinking of you right now when I saw your post!! How is my favorite Denverite doing? I love Sunday lady with mish mash BTW!! She is too precious! Strangely enough-I used to always tell one of my friends that when I get older, if I want to wear a pot on my head that's what I will bloody well do!! So now I see that I have company with Sunday lady:)
    How is your business stuff going? I know that things can get so hectic nad out of control. I find that if I break things down and just do it one step at a time...that helps tremendously.
    Oh yes-about fear!! I had such panic attacks these past few days-everything from-how on earth am I going to manage all this, my art isn't good enough, who do I think I am . One of the things I remember from Kelly's class is that EVERYONE had fears and they all pretty much sound the same. It's human and normal and..just work through them. it also helps if you are so busy you just don't have any time to think about it:) But seriously though, these fears have lots to teach us and when they leave, we emerge stronger, more whole...but I am so grateful for this blogging community where we can share and support and Love each other. Big hugs Amy-you are so inspiring to start this Flea Market. I am SO proud of you...truly. XXX

  2. i love crazy sunday lady! love the mish mash on her head too. hope the fleamarket is coming up superfantastic. thanks for the link.

  3. Amy - Wow, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this painting! What a face - I could just stare at it all day. xxoo

  4. I so love this lady! looking forward to playing with you on monday!

  5. Dear Amy-i just stopped by here to see how you are doing. I bet very busy with your new business venture. Glad to still see Sunday Lady:)

  6. dear Amy-How are you doing? I hope that you biz is THRIVING! I read your interview with Studio Lila-great job! Sending you lots of GREAT energy! xxx

  7. Sweet One, I am looking forward to more of your posts. I love that I saw this painting in person. She has a bit of regal-ness to her and daring and joy.
    Let's paint soon.-R.