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it's been so long since i've posted...almost a month! i've been swamped with a new creative project, a mondo beyondo dream :) i'm directing and organizing the Horseshoe Craft and Flea Market here in denver...it's a market where emerging and experienced artists, designers, crafters and vintage/antique collectors can sell their wares, and where denverites can shop locally and interact with and buy from the makers and collectors of their unique goods. i'm calling it the "horseshoe" because i always think when you go to a flea market or art/craft fair, you are really hoping to get "lucky" and get something really freakin' awesome. which many times ends up happening, and is sure to happen at the Horseshoe!

i found a great graphic designer in my neighborhood--and it turns out i know her brother and sister-in-law! i used to share office space with her sister-in-law. small world. she has been a great help, i'm super happy with her work, and she's also going to be a jewelry vendor in the market!
as with everything in life, there have been ups and downs and good and bad. the ups and the good--i've had a great first week of vendor applications since "launching" last wednesday! yay! it's also been so fun to just have fun with it, and let it unfold in a somewhat organic way. the downs and the bad--i'm on my computer 24-7, my back and neck hurt, i'm developing that pastey, at-the-computer-all-day complexion, i'm distracted, not very present with the people around me. working on that. i'm hoping to regain some balance here soon.

also, a few weeks ago, i painted with my friend tiffany! i'll post my little painting later, and i'm also hoping tiffany gets a website/blog soon and you can enjoy her work, too. she's GREAT!

okay, more later. off to do horseshoe "stuff." spread the word! here's our website: http://www.horseshoecraftandflea.com, and please follow us on facebook and twitter!!!!

oh, and that's funny--i had to re-join facebook to market this...and inadvertently created a "personal profile" so i said, "what the hell." i'm back on the FB. this is funny because i wrote a long, earnest blog post about how much i hate facebook. well, in terms of business, i see a lot of good things for it. and it is nice to see friends on there--but i still have some inner angst about it ;)

happy wednesday

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  1. Dear Amy-I am SO proud of you for following your heart and deepest intentions with this business venture/adventure! It sounds so amazing! Did you dream the whole thing up? Good for you! I love the name and why you chose it. I know what you mean about balance (or lack thereof!!) but I remember from Kelly's class-something she said was that when we are pursuing a dream full force, balance goes out the window to a large degree! I find that to be so true.
    Things have been even more hectic than usual over here. in addition to all the usual stuff I have had to get stuff done around the house (something Tim normally does) and had to deal with contractors! UGH! They treat women totally different let me tell you! So this past week=sleep deprivation and blog neglect!
    I have already recommended Broken Open to 2 people close to me...I am more than halfway through and am loving it. There is wisdom in every thought. Take care and hugs. P.S. I am nearly done my website-take a peek when you get a chance www.sorayanulliah.com I still have to import my blog but...I am kinda' scared...I think the whole thing is going to get sucked into the black hole of cyberspace somewhere!! xxx