I love getting away. We relished in Buena Vista with the dogs. We realized we hadn't been on a little trip together, just us, forever. We stayed in a funny little hotel called the Mountain View, went on a long hike on Saturday in the San Isabel Forest, went to the hot springs twice, and took naps. A much needed rest.
Doug took the nice picture above. There is this really cool space between Denver and Buena Vista...it's the plains, and then the mountains appear out of nowhere. I love how stark and windy it is out there.

And the week begins.


  1. the trip looks amazing! i want to go somewhere the pups can run around so much.

    great photos... maybe we will break out of the city at least one night this weekend.

  2. OMG...those pictures are fantastic! I could so get lost on that path the dogs are on and the blue sky with the thinning leaves just screams fall. Glad you could get away for some R&R..always clears the mind and rejuvenates!

  3. Amy,
    your pictures are beautiful! i want to be there...i love the one with you, the one with doug and seeing the dogs. i yearn to visit you two---we need to do that soon.
    your shop is so lovely, too. so many great finds!
    xxoo miss you,

  4. Amy B.Y. in flannel. Fall is here. Beautiful pics.

  5. honestly, this looks amazing. i literally feel relaxed just looking at these photos. we are set for a long up north trip with a lot of hiking and napping just like your trip, we are lucky that there are still spots in the world in which we can retreat.