a bit of confusion.

this painting called "taos lights" by TR Mack Studio reminds me of how i feel. i feel like i'm growing, but in so many different directions that sometimes it's confusing. i'm teaching two psych classes this semester at a college, and i like it a lot, but somehow it's squeezing out time for etsy, for my creativity. i've agreed to teach three classes next semester, one of which i get to totally create myself. which is overwhelming and exciting. as i grow older, i realize so much of life is that way. nothing is all good or all bad, everything comes with some lesson, some price. not in a bad way, but this constant balancing act can sometimes feel overwhelming. but also exciting. arrgh! see, it's always both!


  1. Wow, this painting has so much energy. So beautiful. I love how you've compared it to how youre feeling :-)

  2. you said it right, amy! i feel that confusion, too. and yes, it's all intertwined; the good and bad.
    miss you...jody