a peek.

It was a good weekend. Absolutely perfect weather. I had so much work to do, but I had fun doing it. Doug was gone all weekend working at the Boulder Marathon. I missed him, but it was sort of fun to miss him, if that makes sense.

I took some time to meander around town a bit. Here are some fun finds that will be in the shop soon. A few are already up!
Amazing 60's Ninas.

Great autumn-hued 70's mules. These are surprisingly comfy.
Basic black brogues. Adorable.
Lipstick red, perfect vintage hand-bag. It's hearty, big, almost a soft patent leather, and has lots of pockets.And here is Doug in a Pendleton shirt I found at an estate sale for $1.00. I love grey. As I've written about before ;) As a young girl, when I imagined my husband, I imagined him wearing this kind of shirt, with those leather elbow patches. An outdoorsy man, rugged, and yet sensitive at the same time. That's what I got :)
Good night. I hope you all have an inspired Monday.

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  1. Doug looks great in that shirt! Your house looks wonderful from the other post...love the quilt. Your shop looks lovely, too...I can't wait to talk one of these days. We all miss you guys! xxoo