Already November

It's been over a month since I've blogged. Life has been busy, and I've been bogged down with teaching and life. But I've been doing some fun things...such as going to my hometown, Ames, Iowa, for Halloween with the whole family. Here's a beautiful field right by my parents house.
Big, lovely tree right next to my parent's house.
Sweet nieces Lucy and Lola....
Lucy playing dress up with scarves. She was a gypsy for halloween later that evening :)
So fun to watch my nephews play together...brothers and cousins...
Such cuties...
Doug and I went to Gilbert, a little town just down the road from mom and dad's. You only find a mooning pumpkin man in small town Iowa :)
Gilbert has this great shop, JB Knacker filled with vintage goodies and salvaged stuff. Such fun stuff with excellent prices. Wish there were more of these in my neighborhood in Denver.

And here we are all dressed up for my favorite holiday. We found the lederhosen at a thrift store and couldn't pass them up.

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