This etsy art above, from artist heidi burton matches my feelings right now.

I miss feeling alive.

Sometimes I simply don't feel cut out for modern life. How does everybody adapt so well?

I feel like everyone is living inside. Weird to say that in Colorado. It could be that I haven't been in the mountains for a while.

Also, I'm so tired of TV! I love Big Love, for example, but that's about it. But man, what a waste!! There's music to hear, streets to be walked on, three dimensional laughs to be had with real people. TV makes me feel just like magazines make me feel...at first so much possibility! Such a great distraction...feeling of being immersed. Oh, there are so many cool things out there! But wait, I have to buy a bunch of things, and mold myself into something I'm not. Even if what you're watching or reading isn't coming right out and saying that, that's what it taps into for me. Am I alone in that? Am I making sense?


I miss the good ole days. I don't even know what that really means. But I feel that way. I'm missing something. Nostalgic for something. Stuck in this inside world.


  1. i think i know what you mean, amy. time to clear away the distractions. i want to live real life...make journaling our magazines. hang on...

  2. You're making sense. Nostalgia...I was born feeling nostalgic. I know what you mean.

  3. i'm glad you gals both understand. i think i was born feeling nostalgic, too...love the way you put that!