the art workshop

was awesome. katie kendrick was an amazing, gentle, intuitive teacher. and she was sweet and funny. there she is above in the apron. her work is awesome...her faces are complicated yet simple, colorful, FULL of life. she taught us some cool new techniques which was just what i needed. she taught us to use our intuition, calm the inner judge, and use our creative brains. i learned a lot about light and dark, color, layering. again, it was just what i needed because i've been feeling stuck.

here are my faces.
there were some great women at the workshop, as well. amy, robyn, tiffany among others.  robyn(green shirt) is a working artist in evergreen, co. her work is amazing!

it was a great friday of art! 


  1. Your faces are SO great!!! I absolutely love, love the colors!

  2. wow! awesome! love them all!
    i wish we have art classes close to our home that i can attend.

  3. Ahhh. Thanks for the mention. What a delight to sit with you. Your work is exquisite.
    Looking forward to more art with you!

  4. Amy-your faces are amazing! So much depth and colors and...soul. They are vulnerable yet strong too. I still want to do up a banner like yours too-when I get the time!