My new best friend. And other goodies.

I have been looking for a reasonable dress form for awhile now, so I don't have to model my etsy vintage stuff anymore! Being 5'2" and NOT super svelt, shaped like a swimmer, without a small waist, makes it kinda hard! Don't get me wrong, I've been working on accepting my bod for years now, but some clothes are just not simply made for me!

I saw a posting on craigslist that someone would be having a garage sale at the Mile High Flea Market and there would be a dress form. We got up early and trekked out the flea market and there she was. For $40. I tried to go down on price but they were firm. I figured $40 was a good deal for a nice, solid, wood and damask pattern dress form.

No more of this!

Because now I've got this!! Hooray!
Another cute find at the flea market! We got two of these and are going to paint them and use them as bedroom nightstands. I love that they are tiny bookshelves. We tend to pile up things in our room, and this will help with organization.
And last but not least, preview of goodies to come in my etsy shop! Delicious.

Have a great weekend :)

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  1. love it, amy!
    can't wait to see how the bedside tables turned out!
    miss you,