Everyone Loves Vera, Including Me.

I know everyone loves Vera. Anthropologie had a Vera Exhibit back in June. There are tons of Vera items on Etsy. But I just had to say, it's a Vera kind of day.

The first three Vera's are from my shop(sorry for the shameless self-promotion)! I love the turquoise, emerald and white cityscape (my favorite trio of colors). The mod pink, mustard and purple is great, too. And I have to say, how often do you see a Vera BLOUSE??

Awesome Vera stuff at The Lucky Fish!
And more great Veras at LuLuBliss.
Also, right now, Anthropologie Vera stuff is on sale! Fun! This one is called "Pomona"! My namesake :) Have a great day :)

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  1. oh so cute.. i am totally lusting after those scarves! ;)