The Weekend

After a Saturday morning bicycle ride in the mountains, I'd go eat this at a mountain town diner.
Come on back down the mountain. Then snooze on this.
Maybe Sunday, some hunting for a pair of these.
Probably at some cool market like this.

...which Denver doesn't really have :(

And if we had some dough, I'd love to go searching for this. We really need a kilim. A pretty one! Love the colors here..pinks, reds, greens, blues, all kinda faded.
Ahhh wishful weekend. Have a great one :)

1. 2. Hammock, www.hammocks.com, 3.Vagabond shoes, www.shoewawa.com, 4. Post Flea Market, 5. Kilim rug from http://fiberfocus.blogspot.com.


  1. Now that's my kind of weekend! Fabulous shoes and the kalim is superb! Have a great weekend...dreaming what you wish!

  2. I stared to read this and I was reminded about my yearly trip up to Dillon Lake and then I saw that you are here in Denver too and I couldn't agree more with needing more markets here as you mentioned.
    Anyway, I cannot wait for the described getaway that you posted soon.

    :) Enjoy the weekend!

  3. love the post! also love your blog!! i was cruising your shop yesterday....um...LOVE everything in it!:) i used to live in denver...actually just moved from there about 3 months ago...wish denver had that kind of outside market! hope all is well! xo

  4. love polka dots and shoes...those pink shoes I like!