just can't get enough of these!

The bounty!

Also can't get enough of these lovers. Having four dogs is nuts. But also makes life a lot more fun. And snuggly.
Hope everyone's Monday was swell :)


  1. Oh my gosh... Do you REALLY have FOUR dogs??? You must be a saint of some kind! Honestly, though... Aren't pets wonderful?

  2. yes, four dogs! it's insanity sometimes. my husband had three before i met him, and i had my dog, gus, and now we're a family of 6 :)

  3. oh my four... we have 2 and i can't even imagine. our are both young (Rainier the rottie turns 3 next month and Baker our Valley Bulldog is only 10 months). Two puppies in one house is a whole lot of puppies. Don't tell my husband but if i had more land to let them run we would have more!