I've been waiting so patiently.

I love Scout Niblett. I discovered her a few years ago and then she played live in Denver, and I fell in love with everything about her--she's hilarious, charming, her music is divine, and she is so...Real. capital R. One of those people who's just her self. Embodied. Quirky and kinda weird, belts out her minimal tunes and sometimes shocks you with the sound of her voice. And sometimes you're lulled to sleep by her voice. She also plays the drums sometimes, sometimes she has a band mate, sometimes she's on her own. She's real cute, looks about 20, but is actually 36 years old.
When I watched and listened to her play, I felt a little sad because the way she is so herself, so creative, uninhibited...made me realize how often I censor myself and my creativity. She simply speaks to me. Inspires me. She's coming to Denver on September 22nd and I can't wait. Well, I'm trying to wait patiently.

Love this song, "Kiss." On her album, This Fool Can Die Now, she sings with another one of my fave's, Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, but here she's just with her drummer.

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  1. Oh wow, 36? I never would have guesed!
    Must look in to that music:)