Jersey Shore Inspiration...End of Summer

My husband and I are at his grandmother's house in Stone Harbor, NJ. It's cloudy, windy, but lovely. I'm laying on a tiny little bed, typing away while listening to the waves. The beach is less than 100 yards away. Last night we had steamed clams and pizza. For lunch, amazing Philly cheesesteak sandwiches from Bradley's. Tonight, flounder and corn. Funny that all I'm talking about is food. I do find myself hungry a lot here, and we have such different options than Colorado! In some ways, I feel like I'm in another country. People talk funny here, and there's just a different feel. I love it.

Here are some lovelies I found on Etsy. All of these images, art, and vintage items remind me of where I am....

1. Vintage deck of Atlantic City playing cards from Oh Sweet Josephine 2. Sapphire by the Sea hand painted collage by Magic Markings Art 3. Tangerine Sky Dragon by Bionic Unicorn 4. Trio of Sand Dollars Lavender Sachets by Dear Harbor 5. Vintage 1960's Bib Necklace by Posies for Lulu Vintage 6. Knitting book from Knitty Loves Vintage 7. Seagulls fine art photo by Julie Kruger 8. Lichen Summer Scarf from Avalanche Looms 9. Starfish along the shore story book illustration by Kelley Street Vintage


  1. Amy - This is lovely. Thank you for featuring my Sapphire by the Sea along with your other treasures. My cousins have a house on the Jersey Shore - Seaside Heights. It was always fun to visit there.

  2. Oh Amy, it sounds heavenly...
    You're making me hungry.
    Love you,