work in progress

i've had fun the past few days. my husband who is so supportive, finished off this little room in the basement and it's now my studio (pictures of the studio to come)! i'm transitioning (for now) out of vintage clothing. i love thrifting and finding great things, we simply don't have enough room in the house for the clothes and shoes and boots!

so, now, i'm committing time to art. it was one of my 2010 goals. commit to creativity and art. i am taking an art journaling class and though we've only met once, it's inspired me. i went to michael's today and stocked up on some goods, and started painting today! it's been so long.
i don't know what will be become of these, but i'm enjoying the process...i love the unfolding of painting. i love color and smudging and getting my hands dirty.

here are the works in progress--one above, a tiny canvas, and a bigger canvas below. oh, and the pictures aren't great because there's something wrong with my camera. fixing that is on the to-do list.
good night!


  1. Making more time for my art is a 2010 for me too. Sometimes I'll take pictures of the progress and post to my blog. I like seeing the painting emerge like that.

  2. Your art is wonderful. Keep doing it!

  3. thanks for your supportive comments :) more art! for all of us!