creating. space.

snowy sunday here in denver. i kind of like it...and i kind of don't. i am ready for spring! winter started early this year, in early october. and denver hasn't had its regular doses of sunshine. but... it also has been kind of fun to spend days holed up in the house, doug making fires in the fireplace, cooking, snuggling. and the past few days, now that my creative space is finished (above!), i have more time to create.

there's a bit more to do, but my studio space is pretty much done (above). it's a tiny room, but doug built a nice wall, we painted it a very light, subtle blue (that basically looks white), painted the exposed ceilings a creamy white, and got some cool lights from barnlight electric. doug built a great shelf with pipes coming down from the ceiling, and he's going to build one more underneath. i love it. it's light, clean, inspiring and a fun space to be. how lucky i am!

and here's some finished art. this is the finished form from the previous post--the painting that looked like a pot with some kind of plant coming out. it became a tree! hope everyone has a nice, lazy sunday. xo


  1. amy, i love your space!!! it looks perfect--so bright and clever! your painting is awesome...love how it transformed! keep creating! xo jody

  2. Lovely studio! Can't wait to see what crestions emerge from it :)

  3. Totally jealous of your space! Love the painting,too!