Fear and stuff....

I just listened to an audio interview of Diane Conway from Mondo Beyondo. I watched a little clip of Diana on her website. She seems hilarious and free. Over time, she interviewed people about what they would do if they had no fear.
Top answers:
1. Quit my job
2. Travel the world
3. Skydive or get into a relationship

What's with us that we separate our dreams so far from ourselves? We build careers and jobs we have no real interest in...we suck it up because we want to make money, we want to be safe, we want to please our parents, look "good" for others, make sure we're doing the "right" thing--according to society's rules. However, can anything be "right" if it's not in line with our personal values and internal standards?

I think about how I've spent my entire life trying to find my passions, but a lot of what I thought were my passions were just reigned in because they were "normal" enough, and what a good girl should do. I'll be a good therapist, a good counselor, a good helper. Yes, I like counseling people but I've only been able to imagine two options in that world: working for an agency or having private practice. I did private practice and it was pretty courageous of me to just start. But something was missing. The manifestation of it has never felt right. It hasn't given me energy. It drains me.

I've always loved art, but no one really knows that because I don't say it out loud because it always seemed so silly. For example, only a few family members, a few friends, and my husband know that I want to do art. I want to somehow blend my counselor self with my artist self with my brave, fearless self. It will manifest somehow. I'm sure of it! Here's someone I found recently, Brene Brown--she's my new hero.

What have I done despite fear:
1. Moved to Denver
2. Got a dog
3. Got married
4. Started a private practice
5. Am teaching college--every day I go into class filled with a little fear
6. Signed up for Mondo Beyondo

I have a bunch of things I want to do in the near future--yet fear fills me. I guess it's not about getting to a place with no fear, it's working with and through fear. I guess that's where courage comes in!

What would you do today if you had no fear?
Do it!



  1. (Visiting from Mondo!)
    I thought the same thing when I listened to her. If I had no fear, the first thing I would do is quit my job. But the reason I am in Mondo is I have no idea what to "do" next. I don't have that passion as an artist to know the next step.

    But when I figure it out, I'm moving on from this job!

  2. Hi Laura! Yes, that is so true...we all know we don't really want to be doing what we're doing...but the question becomes what is our passion? What is our truth? I think it's hard to find sometimes because we've invested so much time trying to "make a living," "make ends meet," just getting through each day, etc.--which is obviously necessary to some end. I love how hopeful Mondo Beyondo is...giving us the encouragement and support to find our dreams and follow them and see what unfolds!

    I'm excited for you to find your next step!! :)
    Happy weekend

  3. it was my mondo beyondo to sign up mondo beyondo too. for me, it's more of discovering what i have forgotten. seeing your art makes me wanna paint again. :)

  4. LOVE IT!!! I'm working at scaring the hell out myself!