Whoa. Two Posts in One Day. Is that Okay?

I somehow came across this today--been on the internet too long, but maybe it was so that I could find this.
Doing More Things Badly

It reminded me of the above picture. At a recent family vacation, the little kids wanted to do a "talent show." I'm not saying people weren't "good" at what they did, but the idea of a talent show was not really to show off talents, but to just have fun and do something different. The above picture is of the adult Bergan (my family) in-laws, doing an off the cuff "rap," and called themselves the "outlaws." It was funny, and the whole evening of each family member willing to do something imperfectly--was invigoratingly fun.

Doing things badly, more things, badly. What a revelation!

Happy weekend.


  1. Such a good reminder. I miss so much when I hesitate to try something because I know I'll do it badly .. That talent show looks like fun.

    Happy weekend from another Mondo Beyondo-er :)

  2. amy, i love your posts today!!! i've been trying to catch up on mondo stuff today. edith is so fussy and won't let me out of her sight. talk to you tomorrow.