In Honor of Women

March is Women's History Month. I thought I'd gather up a list of the women who inspire me--who are my heroes.

Here are my ladies. A short list. I know there are so many I'm missing.
Neko Case. Truth-singer. I just saw her live last night. Her singing evokes a nostalgia like no other. She's so totally herself.

Dar Williams. Another truth-singer. She has been with me since early college and has gotten me through a bunch of transitions. And road trips.

Mary Oliver. Favorite poet of all time. Here's a really great poem.

Jean Kilbourne. Courageous critic who calls out the advertising industry. She's super empowering and I love her. Fight the power!

Judy Wise. Artist. I have only found her recently, but I love her. I watch this video when I am un-inspired.

Adrienne Rich. Pioneering poet and feminist.

Tina Fey. The most funny woman on the TV.

Who are your heroines?


  1. i noticed a new little follower on my blog and happily clicked on it to find Y O U!
    how wonderful this blog.o.sphere is!
    i LOVE that you are honoring women and i can.t wait to go through your list and see all these wonderful talents. i also cant wait to pop on over to your etsy shop as vintage is one of my favs.
    thanks so much for visiting new friend.
    im now a follower of YOU!

  2. thanks for your sweet comment and for your follow! your blog is so very inspiring :)