Mondo Beyondo

I've not written in a while. Things have been busy as always. We just got home from a family trip to Arizona. It was a great week filled with swimming, sunning, hanging out with the family, laughing, and relaxing. We stayed at this great house in Scottsdale that had a pool, basketball court, batting cage, and outdoor fireplace with couches. It was luxury yet was a better deal than trying to find rooms for all of us to stay at a hotel or resort. I was really sad to leave everyone. It was just too short. Here's my sweet niece, Lucy, swimming in the lovely, warm pool.
I've also been out of the blogging loop because I've been doing this great, online "dreaming" class called Mondo Beyondo. Mondo Beyondos are the dreams that make your stomach flutter, the dreams that feel silly, "too out there," and make you feel vulnerable. The class is about allowing yourself to dream big--it's about believing in your dreams, and shifting out of old patterns that keep you stuck. I'm loving it.

Here's my Mondo Beyondo list! I have some repeats throughout--but I guess that means that those dreams are really important.
It's amazing how many dreams you have if you let yourself dream.

-make a comfortable living
-start a flea antique/craft market in Denver that's stupendous, successful and buzzing
-become way more confident--speak what i feel and be truthful
-move to Tucson
-have an art show that's really fun with a bunch of creative, fun people
-be an artist full time
-live in a converted barn with two kids, dogs, with a cool studio where i run women's workshops
-open a great bakery
-love doug unconditionally and fully and keep laughing together forever
-run a half marathon
-heal my precious left foot
-learn to love swimming
-build a community of genuine, committed friends
-clean out/make this house kid-friendly
-be a joyful, cool, loving creative mom who blends self with other in a balanced way
-counsel people at CCD and make a little extra dough
-believe in myself, love myself
-stop apologizing so much!!!
-have a group of really good friends who are creative, soulful, genuine, healthy and funny
-be given a scholarship for art at the rocky mountain college of design
-teach more creatively
-offer/implement something meaningful, important and profitable to championship prod.
-learn to budget well, build savings
-let creativity and confidence spill out of me
-get paid more for teaching
-be healthy forever
-have a loving, joyful family
-be a trend-setter
-learn how to blog better
-learn about design
-design my own banner
-learn more art techniques
-find a spiritual community/church that is supportive and fits me
-got to golden, co more often
-find out more about my ancestors
-talk more meaningfully to my family
-show my mom and dad i love them unconditionally
-learn how to plant flowers and garden more
-run amazing workshops with ease and make money doing it
-create a mondo type course but with my eyes and view
-do something to help fight childhood obesity and promote health to kids
-learn to knit, crochet
-get sewing machine
-make curtains, sew paper
-get a really nice camera
-go to burning man
-go to vermont on an east coast road trip
-learn printmaking
-learn more about art in general
-get into the rocky mountain school of design and become an artist
-start a farmer's market in our neighborhood
-love my parents more fully
-be a super loving wife who is joyful, loving and confident
-trust fully
-go camping a lot
-learn to be more self-sustaining
-go back to crested butte for a long while
-travel to third world country
-spend significant time in the carribean on a beach with my husband
-go to mexico
-be strong and powerful
-earn money
-have ease with jobs
-hike more
-bike to work and bike around town
-be a super dynamic and genuine couple
-represent artists
-make denver a cooler city
-move to a cooler city
-sit on a secluded beach in northern california and take pictures
-meet judi wise, mati rose, and kelly rae
-be totally comfortable in my body
-have an amazing marriage to doug for life
-take pictures
-explore the desert
-have awesome relationships with each of my family members
-find more joy everydya
-wear funky clothing that feels like "me"
-go on road trips
-organize this house
-paint and do art everyday
-make big paintings
-sell my art-have people come look at my art
-meet supportive artist friends
-learn how to farm
-live on a farm
-go to europe with doug--spain, italy
-become pregnant, sustain a healthy pregnancy, and give birth to healthy, loving, funny children
-go to wine country SF
-travel northwest and hang out with the locals
-go to cuba with doug
-learn more about yoga
-teach yoga to girls
-inspire girls to be themselves and accept themselves
-live in a light-filled house
-find great, affordable rugs
-redo bathroom
-redo basement bathroom
-be a great organizer

As Mary Oliver would say, what do you want to do with your one wild and precious life?


  1. Hello! Stopping by via Mondo. I am so proud you posted your list publicly. Very inspiring!

    I am trying to read lists and respond to the things that jump out at me. I am running a half marathon in two days. You can do it! There are lots of easy training plans that get you to that distance by the end of the year.

    Also I love your paintings, gorgeous.

  2. thanks, laura! i ran a half marathon about 15 years ago, right after high school. i really want to do it again but i have a bad foot i'm trying to heal. thanks for the encouragement! good look with your half! i'm going to check out your blog!

  3. hi amy,

    love your list, i have yet to post mine in my blog. love your art, i love to paint too, but somehow lost it along the way.

    "live in a converted barn with two kids, dogs, with a cool studio where i run women's workshops"

    love that, i dream to have a studio and run women's workshop too :)

    hope your foot heals well.

  4. g. been missing you the last couple of weeks. hadn't visited your blog in a while so i figured that might help me feel closer to you. then i found this list. amyb. the way you are constantly trying to live your life in such a full way is an inspiration. i said it before, but if my lucca jo can grow up to be half the woman you are, i will be satisfied. i love you, my girl.