an ode to realness.

i have so much i want to write, to get out of my head. i just can't do it right now. maybe it's because i'm trying too hard or i think i have to write each post "perfectly" even though, clearly, i don't write perfect posts. you know what i mean?

anyway, i was just inspired, touched, and enlightened by jen lemen's blog, master real-person and one of the mondo beyond folk. go read her stuff. wow. talk about taking off the mask and just being. reading her post, the most recent one, made me seriously drop my shoulders, take a deep breath, soften my face. how often i try to "keep myself together" and "do the right thing." it can feel so rigid and lifeless. oh and i also "try not to be so deep" because i'm "too much" and very "self-indulgent." i'm not "giving" enough and blah blah blah. the race in the head that leaves out the heart.

anyone relate?


  1. amy, thank you for turning me on to her! i just poured myself a glass of wine and finally, at 11 pm, i am winding down from the day and excited to explore jen's blog. yes, her message echos what we've been exploring in our kundalini class; the soul, the heart, and letting go of trying so hard to keep up with the chaos of the mind. it's all about the heart and soul...and the higher self. amy, keep creating, keep reaching...your art and your blog are so real, so vulnerable. i miss you so much!!!!!

  2. ya, i love her posts, it's like every word vibrates truth in me too.