Soft Landings

I'm trying to figure out how to redo my blog. I even got a typepad account, and haven't been able to figure out how to do the dang thing. Now, blogger has all these new design options, so I'm just playing around. It's both fun and frustrating to be learning this stuff.

Life has been so busy. I haven't been doing much art, but I hope to get to some today. Lots has unfolded. We went to Tucson for a family wedding in the desert. It was beautiful.
Gorgeous bride in her vintage slip wedding dress.
I really like the desert. And the paper flowers at the wedding.
I love this abandoned foundation of a stone house we found on a hike. It was on a trail called the Yetman Trail. It's really bizarre--I was in Tucson about five years ago with an ex-boyfriend. He was working the whole time, and I was alone and went hiking on this trail a few times and saw this same house. Turns out, the Yetman Trail is named after my now-husband's uncle. The same uncle who married us. Weird and cool and crazy, huh? Maybe it's just me.
Being in Tucson, it kind of made me want to move there. However, there could be some downsides to living in the desert--the heat, number one. And number two, there are no "soft landings" anywhere. One of Doug's relatives told me that on the trip--if you go hiking or biking and you fall, it's going to hurt. And the night of the wedding, I got a little dose of that. I was scooting past a Prickly Pear cactus and it stuck me. I thought it was no big deal, but man, do those prickles burrow in your skin. But I managed to get all the tiny needles out and was fine to enjoy myself. Above, I'm drinking the best and sweetest Mojito ever with funny-faced Doug and awesome aunt Joan. This was pre-Prickly Pear.

I have much more to write, but I'll do it next post. Lots of stuff brewing...and good stuff, I think.


  1. dear Amy-I LOVE LOVE LOVE your new banner! It is seriously FANTABULOUS!! Your artwork is so stunning up there like that. I mean it! Wowzers!
    I am so glad that you had a great time at the wedding. I, too, have always loved the desert. It just seems so mystical, spiritual and has such a barren, bare- bones beauty a la Georgia O' Keefe. Living there would be another story though; the sand gets everywhere for starters! I am so glad that you are inspired and in a great place. I, too, am researching so many different things-websites etc. So much to know!

  2. wow! this place looks really nice. love the photos! so sunny and cheerful! everyone (including you looking at doug) looks great!