Art Journaling

One of my favorite sites to go to is Judy Wise's blog. Last night and this morning, I went digging through her archives. I love seeing her process unfold. I love her ability to seamlessly inspire with her words and images. There are lots of truths sprinkled in each of her posts. I don't know her, yet she is a teacher to me--the joy with which she creates, and the joy she finds in other's creations--it's all very affirming.

I've been art journaling, too. I'm going to go down and do a little more today.
Here are some recent creations...

When I see these images posted all together I think to myself--I've got a lot of loud stuff going on inside. Do we all? Or is it just me? Glad I'm getting it out!

Queen with monster hands ;)
Double lives...
I've been realizing the toxic power of people's secrets. Just tell your secrets. It sets you, and the world free. We are all hiding because of shame. Let's take the damn power of secrets away. Truth always wins.


  1. amy, thanks for sharing these. i think they are so amazing, so vulnerable and soulful
    miss you, xxoo

  2. Dear Amy-thank you so much for sharing such a personal part of yourself with us. I love these pages-they are honest and vibrant and...full of LIFE. Very feminine too-womanly. I agree with you about secrets...it's toxic and eats away at the soul, causing shame and all sorts of addictions as a result. Being honest with ourselves and others leads to authenticity. and we can all use more of that! That's awesome that your sister is taking Kelly's class-I am pretty excited about it!

  3. P.S. I especially love the first page with the woman-it is so powerful...her expression, the colors and form. Very powerful...

  4. Amy - I totally agree. I think when I was little, I was taught to keep things to myself for fear of what other people think. But, now that I am older, I think... to hell with that...if people are going to know me and love me, they have to know all of me, the bad stuff and the good stuff. And, if people don't like who I am, then I have to be okay with that. Something wonderful that I found, by allowing myself to be me, is that I have been able to be more accepting of others, too. I am still a work in process, though...

    You are very talented. All of the things that you write and all of the art that you post are just beautiful.