Denver has changed so many colors today. It started off hot and dry and sunny...then windy and cool. And now, the sky is a deep purple and it looks like it might rain. I love this kind of Saturday afternoon, and I love Denver's weather, the changes, the dryness, the lack of humidity. I miss the midwest sometimes, especially my family, but it would be so hard to leave this climate. I think it's my favorite thing about Denver.

I'm posting more art. I don't really know why I keep posting my art. Well, I take that back. I started to post my art because I wanted to share the process. I have been afraid of the process of art for a long time, and so I kind of wanted to demystify for it myself. I guess I'm attempting to simply create and I'm wanting to stay away from the temptation to be a "good" artist--I just want to get more confidence in actually creating. Make it a habit. I want it to be true rather than good. Obviously ;)
Art journal page. Still working on this self portrait thing.
And this was the previous self portrait but I felt the need to paint abstractly. I found the words "Recipe for a magical childhood" and mod podged them in the middle.

I'm still kind of embarrassed to post all this. Oh well. Not that there are many of you out there reading...although my profile says nearly 1000 people have looked at this blog, I think it's about five people looking at it about 200 times each. Thanks for continuing to look :)


  1. Dear Amy-I am so glad that you are creating and posting your art. That takes courage and HEART! I love that you post your art even though you are a bit uncomfortable doing so-and your self portrait is really rich and authentic. i love the writing, the gaze that is direct and clear and the blue flower off to the side. I am so glad that you are creating and your work comes across as "true" to who you are and where you are on your journey. xxx

  2. i'm new, but enjoying reading your post and your art. "I want it to be true rather than good". yes, me too. thank you for the reminder :)

  3. I try to do this, too... rather than being 'good', to enjoy the process. It's not always easy.... we judge ourselves the way we perceive ourselves to be judged. But it's good for you... cathartic. Once, during a particularly tough time in my life, I bought a newsprint notepad and box of crayons. Back to basics... I really needed that.

  4. I like your blog! I'm an art student and its quite inspiring :) X